The power of using a business card in network marketing business



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Network marketing is a people business; there is no doubt about that. This means that network marketing business is built with people. It is not the products that build network marketing business, but the people are the ones who build the business.

There is a very smart technique most people in network marketing industry have not yet discovered and that is the technique of using a business card to get prospect’s contacts to join their network marketing businesses and also buy their products as well.

You have to learn how to work smart in the process of building a network marketing business and always remember that the smarter you work, the easier the business becomes. Many people choose to complicate the way how a network marketing business is built and that is why the majority quit the business before realizing their dreams. There is a smart way to get people by using the power of a business card. Let us look at the two ways to get prospect’s attention by using a business card to build a strong network marketing business.

  • Have personal business cards on you yourself all the time

Having a personal business card all time in network marketing simply means working professionally. Whenever people realize that you have a business card for your network marketing business, they take you serious. They find it easy to work with you and also contact you to buy products from you.

Many network marketing business builders take things likely and they never have business cards on themselves something which makes them lose out on some prospects. People now days are very careful about the business associates, they don’t deal with anybody who approaches them and by you having business cards for your network marketing business opens your chances of winning prospects attention.

How should a network marketing business card look like? I know this is the next question and let us break it down;

  1. A network marketing business card should be of a standard size which is 3.5X2 inches
  2. A network marketing business card should have colors related to the ones the company use
  3. A network marketing business card should have a nice slogan on it
  4. A network marketing business card should a company logo on it
  5. A network marketing business card should have well written contacts on it for prospects to contact you.
  6. A network marketing business card should have current information


  • Don’t ask for a prospect’s phone number, ask for a business card.

This is a very smart strategy to use to get a prospect’s contact. I know this is the hardest part of prospecting when it comes to building a network marketing business. People begin well and end up failing to take the contacts of the prospects. If you learn this skill, it will help you out and make everything very easy for you to get prospect’s contacts. How about asking a prospect in a very polite way like this?

“I might have a business for you, can I have your business card?” wow, I have tested this statement and I have never gotten a negative response because in actual sense, the prospect also wants to give away his/her business cards to people therefore asking him/her to give you his/her business card to you is a great offer.

When you ask someone’s contacts direct, the person becomes a little bit inquisitive and sometimes the question they ask is why you want it, but asking for a business card solves all problems.

Final thought

This system only applies to those doing the business offline. For people who do the business online things are very easy, people contacts you asking you to sponsor them into your team or to sell to them your products. Act now; make sure that by the end of today you have your business cards ready to start asking for business cards from others. There is nothing like tomorrow. Tomorrow will be congested because all fools and failures are plan to do their things tomorrow. Take action now.



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