Online network marketing prospects act fast compared to offline prospects



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Building a network marketing business online is a very simple task compared to building the same business offline. With online marketing, prospects come to you looking for the network marketing opportunity you have and the products as well which is different from offline network marketing where you cannot sponsor and also sell to a prospect you have never talked to about a product or a network marketing opportunity.

Prospects online are very easy people to convert into clients and also downlines as well because by the time they land on your network marketing web page/blog, you are the online they are looking for. They just type in the search engine what they are looking for and end up landing on your business page. With offline network marketing, the prospects always have to first think about the kind of business idea or a product you are introducing to them. They are not the ones looking for what you have, but you are the one looking for them to present what you have to them.

Having people skills to sponsor and also sell to prospects both online and offline is a must because people are intelligent, sometimes if you fail to use these skills properly, the prospects might not take your idea. Some of the skills required to sponsor and also sell to prospects online are here;

  • Online presentation skills
  • Choosing good colors for the network marketing website for people to stay on it
  • Using videos on the site appropriately
  • Follow up messaging skills
  • And very many others

Offline prospects take too long to act compared to online prospects, here are the reasons

  1. Online prospects do research about network marketing industry on their own.

The fact is, most people I have talked to about network marketing business offline are totally green about the network marketing industry. They keep wondering about the kind of industry that can pay someone unlimited income after starting with very little capital. The good thing with the people who search for network marketing business online is, they are in position to do their research about the network marketing industry. When they land on someone who knows how to present the opportunity online properly, they just join.

  1. Most online network marketing prospects look for the network marketing opportunities to join.

The easiest prospect to sponsor is that who is looking for a network marketing company to join. I have sponsored a number of such prospects online, they go online to learn more about the network marketing company I do network marketing business with and they end up landing on my pages. Such prospects always ask one question, “how can I join and I work with you?” I have been in position to get such prospects because of the Search Engine Optimization skills I have learnt that help my network marketing blog/website to rank whenever someone search about the company I do my network marketing business with.

  1. People search for network marketing companies online after having been in different offline network marketing presentation.

Many of these people usually resort to internet search to confirm about what the presenters tells them in the offline network marketing presentation. These people always join immediately because what takes them online is to confirm about the existence of the network marketing company.

Final thought

There is nothing like quick success in network marketing industry, but the person who knows internet marketing properly succeeds faster compared to the one who does the network marketing business totally offline. Start today to take your business online for people to look for you this time round to join your business and also buy your products as well. For a network marketing blog/website, order


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