Network marketing business is not a job, it is a business



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Many people confuse network marketing opportunities with job opportunities something that is wrong. The fact is, there is a very big difference between a network marketing business and a job, and this is supposed to be understood better by all people planning to build a network marketing business.

The biggest challenge is the education system which most of us go through where we are taught to get a job to succeed in life. Life can be lived without a job. Someone can build a network marketing business and succeeds without having a job.

Network marketing business is not a get rich quick scheme. It requires time to be built and attain massive success out of it. Many people are not willing to invest their time in network marketing and they rather sell their time to employers just to earn a living.

Let us find out why building a network marketing business is better than having a job

Profits are better than wedges

This is a quote that was made by the late Jim Rhone. This is true. With profits, there is no limit to how much someone can earn which is not the same case with the wedge. Many people in network marketing industry are making money which cannot be made by many people on the job. It is because of the limitless system put by the network marketing companies to earn up to infinity

In network marketing business people earn in more than one way

There are different ways of earning in network marketing business unlike on the job where someone has to wait for the wedge to come. Most of the networks marketing compensation plans are design in a very smart way where the network marketing company gives a lot of money to the distributor. Like in GNLD international, people earn in different ways as follows

  • Profits from each products sold
  • Monthly bonus cheque
  • Leadership bonus
  • Monthly incentive earnings
  • Life style facilitation

In network marketing people wish success for others unlike on the job

All people who have been employed will tell you one thing which is; on a job, we work as a team, but we succeed individually. This is different from network marketing industry where everyone fights hard for members in his team to grow. Network marketing is the only industry where people are concerned about other people’s success in the entire world.

By the time someone sponsors you in his network marketing team; it is a sign that he wants you to succeed. People don’t sponsor others in the in network marketing business to work for them like on the job, but instead, people bring others in the business to help them reach where they have reached.

Life lessons are taught in network marketing unlike on the job

With the job, the boss is only interested in seeing the results; he/she doesn’t care whether you learn other skills or not so long as you produce the result that is what he/she wants. In network marketing, things are different, in fact the first thing to be done after launching the business to the new entrant is to train him/her lessons like communication skills, selling skills, people skills and very many others to help this person get ideas on how life works.

These are lessons require for someone to succeed in life, but unfortunately, bosses don’t care about it. To prove this just look at the so many successful people in the world like Warren Buffet, the late Jim Rhone and others. They have so many skills because of network marketing.

There is nothing like sucking in network marketing people just quit

Joining a network marketing business means owning an enterprise. You have no one to dictate on whether you should stay in the business or leave. Instead, it is you to make the final decision. Very many people have been sacked from their jobs the first week they report on the job. This will never happen in network marketing where you start it and also own it.

Final thought

You don’t have to quit your job now to start pursuing your dreams using network marketing opportunity full time. Start working part time on your fortune in network marketing and full time to earn a live from your job. Few years down the load your life will never be the same.








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