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 Having a stable business is a dream almost all network marketing business builders have. It gives freedom to the network marketing business owner to just do a little and earns more. It is well known that a stable network marketing business is built in three phases.

The first phase is where the person building the business over work and he/she is under paid. On this stage of the network marketing business, the networker has few team members and they all together sell little by little and since many of their clients are new, they are not consistent in buying the products that is why they over work and under paid.

The second phase is where the network marketing business builder earns what is equivalent to the effort he/she puts in. on this level, the networker has relatively enough downlines and the customers for the products are also somehow consistent because trust has been built between the two parties for some time. This doesn’t happen in one day, time has to be taken to reach t this level.

The third phase is the most important level where the network marketing business builder does very little and he/she earns a lot of money. This is the last level where the networker earns because of the leadership skills he/she taught his/her team. In other words, on this stage, most downlines are doing businesses on their own. They are no longer in need of support from the upline. The upline has done his/her role of teaching his/her downlines all the leadership skills.

It is on this level where the sales are consistent almost in the entire team. This doesn’t happen in one day. Too much time has to be invested to reach to this level where the entire team has a number of customers who are in position to purchase products consistently on a monthly basis.

Many people don’t reach this level. They quit before building a stable customer base together with their teams. It is because of the get rich quick scheme mentality most people have.

In today’s post let us look at some tips to help you make consistency sales to have a stable network marketing business.

  • Build a strong customer base together with the team

There is no network marketing business which grows without having a strong customer base. All the network marketing business builders you admire have a network of customers around the world. They are great sales men and they teach their donwlines the same. Making consistency sales is only possible if there is a customer base that can always make orders from the team.

Building a customer base is very easy more so if the network marketing business is done online. It is just a matter of writing about the product you are selling and people land on your web page to make orders. It is also possible with offline marketing, all you can do is to talk to as many people as possible and get those who are interested to include them on the list of the customers. Remember that you have always to teach your downline whatever you are doing in the business so that you can have a very big customer base together.

  • Build strong relationships with customers

This is another general topic to discuss when it comes to selling consistently to build a stable network marketing business. People buy from friends not strangers. The more friends you create, the more you sell. The technique is very simple for everyone to understand. Some of the ways to build a strong customer relationship are;

  1. Give gifts to customers
  2. Provide free useful information to them
  3. Phone calls to find out how they are doing
  4. Don’t focus on selling to them instead focus on helping them


  • Stay connected to the customers

This is different from building a strong relationship with the customers. Staying connected to your customers means being available whenever they need you. As a business man who wants to have a strong relationship with your customers, you have always to be available in both tough times and good times. There is always times when someone needs support from others like during burial time. You can sacrifice money and time to keep available in such tough times. This helps you become royal to your customer and in the end; you sell consistently to this customer.

  • Ask referrals from the existing customers to work on the customer base

This is another way to sell consistently. It helps you get new clients all time and the more clients you get, the more consistently you sell the products. Many people are willing to give their friend’s contacts to you to sell to them if you have a strong relationship with them. You don’t have to ask for many, but you can ask for like two people and that is how the network of customers expands.

Final thought

Network marketing is a business of selling, but the beauty about it is that you create a team and each sales little. Because of this, the main focus of people building the business in the industry should be sponsoring and teaching the downlines to make consistency sales.


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