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Building a business on the internet is something everyone can do. The only challenge is many people just think of it and never take action to see how internet marketing works. There different internet marketing techniques like article marketing, videos marketing and very many others. Many of these strategies are for free of charge provided that you have a website/blog to help you run the business on the internet.

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Many people think that doing a business using internet marketing system requires a lot of money. Yes to a certain extent it doers, but are you aware that you can start doing a business on the internet with just $100? I know we are at a time when the budgets are very tight. In most cases when someone is venturing into a new industry, that person lacks enough money which is okay, but you have to learn the art of starting small.

In today’s blog post, we are going to look at the five internet marketing techniques which can be implemented without using money.

  • Personalize everything

All search engines agree on penalizing websites which duplicate content and images. This is okay because it is a sign of forcing people to be creative to sit down and write their content and also design their images.

The best way to personalize everything you publish on your webpages is by giving it time. Sit down and think of something which will be liked by your visitors and publish it. There is no limit to what you can publish on the pages.

According to 2014 SEO Update, Google downgrade a site that has duplicate content. In other words, the ranking of the site in the search engine is affected. When you have unique content on the site, Google realizes that people will find what they need on your site and that is how you end up being supported to rank well.

  • Write an E-book to put links to link to your site

This is a very smart way to generate unique traffics on your website. We all know that internet marketing is all about getting target visitors on the webpage who can later turn into customers. I have read so many E-books which have close to 300 links linking back to the webpage of the author. Writing might be a problem, but people who are doing blogging find it easy. The information they publish on their blogs is what they turn into E-books and gets target traffics on their webpages.

  • Analyze your traffics to see the necessary changes

This is part of my daily program. Yu have to know the content that fetches the most visitors and give it time to improve it. For people who do blogging will tell you that they write so many things, but there are those articles which fetch many visitors. There must be a reason why they do so.

Understanding traffics is another surest way to multiply the traffics because you get to know what your visitors want. Many times we post blog posts and the response is not good. The reason behind this is because, your visitors are in a different line and you are posting something maybe that they don’t like.

  • Don’t forget to give a clear call to action

A mistake most internet marketer do is not to leave a clear call to action on their websites. The reason we have websites/blogs is to make money. It doesn’t matter the way you are making money out of it as long as the money comes, that is the main aim. You have to be smart and show people that you want them to do something after reading content on your site or watching a video. This is the only way the website will be useful.

  • Leverage in E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is collecting mails from different people who visit your site and start marketing to them. These people are good because they give their E-mail addresses to you willingly by filling in a form on your site. They are the best customer. All people who are successful in internet marketing have a list of mails they are marketing to

Final thought

Internet marketing is done using different approaches. It is the owner of the site to find out what works well for him and do it. There is trying so many things in the process of building the business online to find out the system which is suitable for the kind of business you are running on the internet.



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am as simple man very eager to learn new ideas more so when it comes to making money online through blogging.
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