Tips on how to turn online customers into downlines



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An online customer in network marketing business is a business partner. In fact a network marketing business runs online successfully because of the existence of customers. Customers are very important people because without them, there are no transactions made. They purchase the products for profits to be made and that is success.

Customers are people many network marketing business builders never consider to sponsor into their network marketing businesses. They prejudge by saying that their class is to high so they cannot build a network marketing business. The reality is, everyone want money. People are looking for an opportunity to help them make additional income and you cannot unveil the opportunity to them.

The good thing about online customers is that, these people already know you, they know your values and everything you can do for them. This is where the point of honesty and integrity comes in. for the people you find online to follow you, you must practice a high degree of honesty and integrity. Do what you say and be clear with what you tell people.

Building a strong relationship with online customers is another key point we have to look at if we are to turn online customers into downlines. People join friends not strangers in network marketing business. It is all about bringing these people closer to you and listen to what they are say and help where necessary.

Tips on how to turn online customers into downlines

  1. Teach your customers how network marketing business works.

Teaching customers how the network marketing business works is something very important. Many customers think that online network marketing business builders are just sales people they do not know the opportunity behind distributing these a distributor, it should be your obligation to make sure that these customers understand the kind of business opportunity you are doing and how you are earning from this opportunity. That way, they will think about joining your online network marketing business.

  1. Ask the customers to give you someone who they think can take up an opportunity

This is a very smart way of attracting the attention of a prospect. By the time you ask a prospect if he/she knows someone who wants to make additional income you are very sure that they themselves also want. In most cases the response will be, how? This is because, they also want this opportunity and they want you to present to them. When they ask you how it works, go ahead and do a very nice presentation for them, show them how they can build a fortune out of online network marketing. They will join the business.

  1. Ask customers if they know someone else who might need the benefits of the products you sell to them.

Asking customers for referrals give them confidence to believe that they also have a customer base for the same products they are using. It is better you also give them a commission if their referrals buys the products. They will see themselves as part of the business and later on, introduce to them the business. They will find a strong reason for joining because of the confidence they have already gotten that they can also sell.

In the conclusion, the best person to work with in online network marketing is a customer. He has the belief and the confidence in the products and because of that, he can recommend the products. Don’t you ever leave them out. Include them on the list of people who can join your online network marketing business.


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