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A network marketing business is like any other business. It isn’t any different from other business where focusing is a key to greater success. A number of people join network marketing with the get rich quick mentality and they end up looking for other network marketing companies to join which in the end make them fail completely.

Many people have not yet differentiated between a job and network marketing. It is because of this that many people join network marketing on a daily basis and at the same time many people quit the same business on a daily basis. I have met many people who expect to get bosses to guide them along the way in network marketing. They forget that they are doing their own businesses.

The fact is, your sponsor will never tell you everything in the process in the process of sponsoring you in network marketing business. He/she will just present to you the opportunity and give you a chance to make a decision to join the business. You have to know that there are so many ups and downs in the network marketing industry, those who persists, finally make it and build large organization.

Let us look at what people should expect in network marketing

  1. Network marketing expectation 1. Rejections.

Rejections are everywhere, we are rejected in different aspects of life for instance; look at politicians; those that are rejected the most are the ones who win the elections. Likewise in network marketing, many people will tell you that they are not interested in your opportunity but you will get those who will say YES. The good thing is, with online network marketing, people do not reject you face to face like in offline network marketing.

  1. Network marketing expectation 2.  some downlines will quit and others will stay

Quitting is part of the equation of success in network marketing industry, when you remove it you get wrong answers. People join the business and people also quit, you do not have to go around chasing them where they have gone, just sponsor new people the business will grow.

  1.   Network marketing expectation 3. Expect the business to take time to grow.

Like we all know that network marketing business is not a job, it is a business, for that matter, it takes time to grow. Any real business takes time to grow. I have never read a story of a successful person in multi level marketing industry who says that he became successful just in one day. A business built with time.

  1. Network marketing expectation 4 Expect to sponsor people who will pass you in the business.

Of all the challenges I have seen in the network marketing business, this is the major challenge. Many people are selfish and they do not sponsor people to help them make money, but they sponsor them to use them for their dreams to come to pass. You must expect some downlines who are very first and when they pass you be happy for them because that is why you sponsored them.

Final thought

Network marketing is a real business built by real people. It is not a kind of business that is built by everyone that is why all people who succeed in network marketing are great leaders. They know how things work and how to handle people in the process of helping them to succeed.


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