How uplines mislead downlines in network marketing business







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Uplines and downlines are two people who run network marketing business. The business to run well, these two categories of people have to be there, but it is the upline to help a downline understand the right way to do the network marketing business.

Having sponsored the downline into the network marketing business, the upline has to take the responsibility of helping the downline succeed. He has to be there for the downline until the time when the downline doesn’t need any support from him. This is where many uplines go wrong; they just recruit instead of sponsoring. They don’t take time to teach the downlines what to do and how to do the business yet at first they promise the downlines to get too much support from them.

One of the reasons some downlines quit the network marketing business is the pressure from the uplines. Many uplines think that they bring downlines in network marketing business to work for them, yet it is the opposite. An upline is there to get people help them succeed, and he also succeeds in the process of doing so.

Here are the ways how uplines mislead downlines in network marketing

Uplines force downlines to quit their jobs

One of the mistakes uplines make is to tell their downlines to quit their jobs before their network marketing businesses can pay them enough money to cater for their needs. The fact is, network marketing is a life time business. It is a business, which takes time to start paying someone enough money, since it is about building a network of people to work with.

You cannot build a fortune when you cannot afford to get the basic needs like food and paying rent. It is better for someone to make a living full time and build fortune using the network marketing opportunity part time until the time comes when the money he earns is enough to keep him around. I have seen many uplines who force their downlines to quit their jobs, and because they don’t get enough money at that time from the business, they end up quitting from the network marketing business totally and look for another job.

Some uplines force downlines to borrow money to purchase company’s products

Uplines who want quick success are the ones who always tell downlines to get money to make orders for them to qualify at a certain level. This is another way many uplines mislead downlines. There is no reason for the downline to borrow money to make orders for the products he cannot sell. He can start with what he has, sell little by little, and then make another order after making some profits. It is not totally good at all to rush the downlines because even if they buy the products with the borrowed money when they are not willing to sell them, they will never sell them, and besides that, they don’t have enough selling skills to sell all the products you are telling them to buy.

Some uplines never let the downlines understand the marketing plan

It sounds very funny, but it is right, there are many people who are doing network marketing, but they don’t know exactly what they are doing. There is no one responsible for this mistake rather than the upline. An upline is a parent who has to guide the downline how the business works and how he is supposed to get paid. Many people are in network marketing business don’t understand what their network marketing plan say and what exactly they have to do to succeed.

Some uplines tell downlines to focus more on selling yet the main thing is sponsoring

All people who have been in network marketing business for so long will tell you that the main thing in network marketing business is sponsoring people and make a team so that everyone sells a little. The uplines who are users do the opposite. They make sure that their downlines focus on selling, which is not bad, but 10 years down the road you will still be the same person. You have to build a network of people and help them succeed you will also succeed.

Final thought

As a downline in a certain network marketing team, take time and understand the network marketing industry very well otherwise, you might do the business for some time and end up quitting from the business because your upline will be dictating on what you are supposed to do and what you are not supposed to do.

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  1. Bakare Samuel Olusegun says:

    This piece of information is quite insightful. It helped me scale some hurdles in my bid to start as a network marketer. Thank you.


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