Driving traffics for an mlm blog / website is the major challenge in mlm internet marketing

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Traffics is the key term commonly used in internet marketing. It simply means the people who land your website/ blog to see the services you are rendering or the products you are selling. This topic is the complicated topic in internet marketing because, it is the hardest part. It involves learning and understanding SEO and so many other things.

Internet network marketing is the ability to get people sees what you publish on your internet network marketing blog/website. The more people you get on the site, the higher the chances of making sell or converting visitors into downlines in network marketing business.

Many people have managed to get some knowledge about using internet to build a fortune out of mlm business, but the challenge has been getting people to see what they publish and start following them. It is because of not knowing how to drive traffics to the mlm internet marketing blog/website.

Statistics shows that the number of people using internet are has changed and increase gradually. In Africa, 167,335,676 people use internet,in Asia, the number of people using internet has also increase and it is 1,076,681, 059. 518,512,109 are the number people using internet in Europe. The internet users have also increase in Middle East and it is90,000,455 now. All those figures are there to give motivation to mlm internet marketers, but the question is; how many of these people can you drive to your mlm blog / site in form of traffics?

There are different ways to increase traffics for an mlm/ website, they are summarized here.


  1. Use tags on each blog post

Publishing an mlm blog post without tagging it is like taking a child to school and you do not pay tuition, he will study but he will be sent home after some time. Many people do not use tags on their blog posts which stops them from getting enough traffics to get people to sponsor and also buy their products.

Tags are primarily used to help your readers find posts on the topics they’re interested in quickly. Usually, there are short sentences at the end of search engine pages which indicate the different topics the reader is looking for. Those short sentences are called tags .


  1. Use sites for social bookmarking for your mlm blog/website to get enough traffic.

Bookmarking is tagging a website and save it for future use. Submitting different titles of different mlm blog posts and static web titles help you get people who read your mlm blog posts consistently. People bookmark mlm blog posts for reference. They keep referring to the blogs bookmarked and that is how the owner gets consistent visitors. There different social bookmarking sites and some of them are;


And many others

  1. Offer original content

Copying did not end in school; there are some people who came out with it. I have come across many people who just do copying and paste. You find many mlm blogs/sites with the same content and keep wondering if the owner is one. Writing personal content helps you increase traffics because people start considering you as their mentor and they call their friends to come and what you and doing.

  1. Exchange links with other mlm bloggers and website owners

Link exchange is all about exchanging links with the same mlm blogs / websites with the aim of getting the same traffics.

Exchanging links helps you get people from other websites. Whenever people land on an mlm web page and find there links, they are tempted to click on the links and end up landing on your mlm blog/ site pages. This will give you more traffic.

  1. Have a keyword Database

Having a keyword database helps in many ways but, it is the best SEO strategy I have come across. Many people know how to write and they know what to write about, but because they are not supported by the search engine, they end up not having enough traffic on their mlm blogs / websites.

In the conclusion, having the capacity to drive people to your mlm blog / website help you sponsor people and also sell products online. In offline business, it is the ability to locate a shop in a very strategic place where people can reach.


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