How to follow up people who give you their mail in online mlm

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mailsponsoring is a process, it is not something that is done for the first time you meet someone. you will find very few rare cases where someone can join your mlm business the first time you meet them.

most multi level marketers have mastered the art of getting mails from people who visit their mlm blogs and websites, but they do not know how to follow them up to qualify them to join their online mlm businesses. let me share a few tips on how it is done.

online mlm following up tip # 1. Do not send them mails daily.

when you over contact people about your online mlm business, they  think that, you are begging them to help you and join your business. choose like two days in a week and send them a well packed mail to remind them to join your business.

online mlm following up tip # 2. Engage them in your online mlm training.

Having an online mlm training is very important, it can help you train your prospects even before they join your business. it is through this training that, prospects get confidence in the business you are telling them to join.

online mlm following up tip #3. Invite your upnlines to talk to them.

When people get used to you, they tend not to take what you are saying seriously. if you give your upline a chance to talk to them, it can make a meaning to the prospects.

online mlm following up tip # 4. Start working on their websites  / mlm blog.

Many people I sponsor online I first motivate them with an mlm blog / website. I ask them to choose the domain name they want and I start working on their mlm blog / website. I use free platforms like wordpress and because of the experience i have, it takes me like 30 minutes. I send them a link to confirm that it is what they want. in most cases, these people pay the day I give them a template of their mlm blog / website.

online mlm following up tip # Send them motivational massages not massages concerning joining your business.

people like staying with people who cares, it is not about business all the time. take time and send a motivational massage to your prospects they will appreciate.


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am as simple man very eager to learn new ideas more so when it comes to making money online through blogging.
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