E-mail marketing;the best strategy for online mlm








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Email marketing refers to the use generating the list of emails from different people who visit your network marketing blog/website and then start marketing on them.

People who give you their emails willingly are the best people to sell to a product or to tell more about your network marketing opportunity. the smartest way to convince visitors to leave behind their emails to you is publishing information is important. This goes back to the issue of writing for a network marketing blog. You have to give enough time to your content so that people can get conviced to start following you.

Using opt in forms

Opt-in form is that form that is put every at the end of each blog post that is posted. Make it a point never to publish a network marketing post without including a form in that blog post. Make sure that you put a text area where people can comment after filling in their email and then send to you.

Reasons for generating a mail list in online network marketing business

The fact is, 95% of people do not join the network marketing business the day they come across it. For that matter, follow up has to come in to help these people get to understand how network marketing business works and the benefits they can get out of it. This done through contacting them using their emails.

It is the same reason when it comes to selling network marketing products online, it is not that people buy the product the day they come across it some people take time to do enough research about the products they want to buy.

Functions of a mail list

  • Mailing list helps you get closer to the prospects
  • Building trust becomes easy with mail list
  • Mailing list helps your prospects get updates of what is happening in your business.

Tips on how you can grow your email list (prospects list)

Have a lead capture page

A lead capture page is that page that helps you get people opt-in by their emails to so that you can tell them more about an opportunity you are trying to talk to them about. There are different host that can help you have a lead capture page

Give out an offer

Giving an offer to people who visit your network marketing blog is something that can help you get give you their email addresses. It should not be something big. You can choose to write a very simple book and tell people to fill in their emails so that they can get the book for free.

Host a webinar and talk about network marketing

Of all the ways of generating the list of emails, this is very important. For those of you who do not know what a webinar is, it is an online presentation.

You can choose to collect mails of different people to register for a webinar and many people will be willing to give you their mails because they expect to attend a webinar.

Start up a contest.

Just organize a simple contest and call up people to register to contest. You will receive many people who are interested in participating in the contest.

Ask for referrals from the subscribers you already have

Many people wish good things for their friends and relatives, the moment they find your information good, they can invite their friends and family members to pass by and find out what you are doing.

Use your facebook network marketing page to collect mails

By chatting with people who like what you post on your facebook, these people can give you their email addresses and the best way is by you giving them yours first and they give you theirs as well.



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