Facebook is the prospecting point in online mlm business





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Facebook is the best social media in the world as of now. There are many different social media but facebook leads them. Because of this, all mlm business builders have to put it into consideration by using it to generate prospects for their business opportunities and also for their products as well.

All INTERNET mlm marketers make it a point to prospect for people who they think can join their organizations everyday. They try using facebook and other social Medias to make friends so that they prospect new people. The most unfortunate thing is that they don’t know very well how to maximize facebook when it comes to prospecting online. This blog post is dedicated to all people outside there who have been struggling to use facebook to prospect, and they have been not getting the results they want to get.

Facebook is a asocial media with so many people from different walks of world. Those that are not on facebook, are thinking of acquiring an account. You will find there successful people and unsuccessful ones, educated people and uneducated, but the question is how do you begin prospecting on facebook.

Sometimes we don’t have to forget the techniques we used to use in traditional marketing for prospecting strangers, they also apply online. One of them is adding a name to a name list . it simply means collecting names of strangers you meet so that you can contact them about your business. This same technique also applies on facebook prospecting. Keep adding friend, request them fist to be their friend, and when they confirm you as their friend, it is one step a head. If you requested 10 people on a daily basis to be their friends, and 7 people confirmed you as their friends. After one week you will have gotten 49 friends, and you have prospected 70 people. I can assure you if you follow what i discuss for you very well, out of the 49 people who confirmed you as their friend at least 10 people can join your organization.

Simple steps taken to prospect using facebook

Request people give you a chance to be their friend

Begin a conversation. Make sure you are positive when chatting with them, show them you are a head of them personal growth by giving them hope.

Ask them what they do. Don’t talk negatively about someone’s job, tell them they have a wonderful job everyone is dreaming to get.

Keep advising them on how life works. Tell them that life is about looking for right opportunity, but not spending too much of the time working in the wrong system

After bringing them closer to you, you can now tell them about your business. In doing this, the power of questions is the key to help you do that. For example you can ask someone a very simple question. ‘George, it seems you have 30 minutes out of 24 hours you spend on internet, right?’ the person will tell you the time they spend facebook discussing nonsense with their friends.

Go a head ask, ‘why don’t you dedicate 30 minutes a day to do build a business online, wich can pay you some money’

They ask you the kind of business you are talking about. Ask them if they have heard about online network marketing. If no, send them a clip of the cashflow quadrant explained by Rober Kiyosaki in relation to network marketing. Tell them to listen to it, and after that, refer them to your blog / website.

Sealing the deal

Promise them support and training, you can help them have a blog with wordpress for free of charge.

If they say getting people is hard, ask them if meeting you on facebook was hard.

Make sure you ask them to join, don’t fear to tell them, that is your work, and it is the main thing in online network marketing.


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