Top five reasons why online GNLD business fail







Online gnld is a little bit different from offline gnld, with the internet marketing system, you don’t have to just bump into things with too much passion and you think that things will work out, you have to take time and study the marketing and the general internet marketing industry.

The saying which goes that online GNld business is for everyone is right, but the difference is that, the success in online GNLD business is for few people who are willing to get mentors to understand what they are doing and go extra miles to see that success come their way.

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Normal people like me and you have built GNLD business online and they have dowblines all over the world. It is possible though most people fear to try it out. I was also like you. The first time I got the idea of building my GNLD business online my mind just shut down because I didn’t know what was next until I got a mentor who really taught me how the system works and I then paid to get a website to use to market my opportunity.

The steps and requirements for building GNLD business online are easy almost for everyone in network marketing industry. There is nothing like being a genius for success to come, but it is about having a dream and putting the following steps into considerations

  • Measure the completion about your niche
  • Know who you are targeting
  • Get a mentor
  • Build a personal website/blog for your network marketing opportunity
  • Draw an online marketing strategy
  • Work hard and never give up

The above six are some of the few steps everyone has to put into considerations when planning to build online GNLD business. It is better always to first write those steps down before you take action and thereafter, you start the work.

In today’s blog post, we are looking at the five major reasons why online network marketing business builders fail along the way even after starting. Let us summarize them below;

Too much information about internet marketing

There is no place on the face of the planet earth where both useful and useless information can easily be accessed like on the internet. Many people fail to start building online network marketing because of the confusion they find on the internet. Different people write about the same topic with totally different perceptions and different feelings and choosing who is right sometimes is a hassle to the newbie.

For people who start building their online network marketing, they also fail because of the unlimited useless information they come across. You will find very many people criticizing internet marketing as the right system to build network marketing business and some people will give up because of that and resort to chasing prospects offline begging them to join their opportunities and also to buy their products.

Failure to get a right mentor

Of course everyone will tell you that they have an online training for people who want to learn internet marketing, but the truth is, few people qualify to be mentors. There are some people who have trainings about internet marketing and they teach the opposite of what they are doing deliberately. Some teach what they do to succeed but there are some things they always reserve for themselves therefore, you have to watch out on who is mentoring you about the industry.

Giving the system limited time

When online network marketing system picks, the fact is, you will never have to work hard anymore in your entire life because people will line up with their credit cards ready to join your network marketing company, but this doesn’t happen in one day. It takes time and for the first one year, you have to overwork and underpaid by your system, but after sometime, things will be moving in the direction you want them to move to therefore, give the online network marketing system enough time and the results will be realized later.

Failure to promote the website to make sales and also sponsor

I like discussing this reason with members in my VIP training very much because the main reason why people resort to online network marketing is because they want to get people to join their opportunities and also buy their products and in most cases when they fail to get those prospects, these people give up on the system.

Promoting a website to rank well on the first pages of the top search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google and others is the hardest work in internet marketing industry and once it is mastered, there is no doubt that the results have to show up because people will be getting you by simply typing a word related to your opportunity and the spider brings your pages on the top.

Changing the network marketing companies

This is also one of the major reasons why people fail in online network marketing business. The fact is working online means having access to everything and when you are not focused, you end up joining whatever that is presented to you and switching network marketing companies is not the solution to either your sponsoring challenge or selling challenges because you will still go with the same challenge in the new network marketing company. So think twice and be focused to succeed online.

Final thoughts

Look at the above five challenges and analyze them critically and see where you go wrong You will never fails otherwise, failure to know where you go wrong is also failure in business.


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am as simple man very eager to learn new ideas more so when it comes to making money online through blogging.
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