Selling is the second GNLD core activity do it daily


Statistics shows that 95% of people who don’t join GNLD claim that they cannot sell, but the same people are in selling business somewhere just because they don’t know that they are making sales in a certain field. Anyone who is employed is selling his/her time to the person employing him but that person will tell you that he/she cannot sell yet he/she sold him/herself to the employee and convinced him that he is the right candidate for the job and took it.

The whole idea is that all of us can sell and we have been selling other people’s products though we have never been paid. If you watch a movie or buy something from a certain shop and you recommend your friend to go there to buy it also that is selling. Selling means recommending a product or a service

A part from GNLD sponsoring/recruiting, selling is another core activity that has to be put into considerations for success to be realized. In fact MLM is an acronym for Multi-Level Marketing and marketing means selling either a product or a service.

The good news is that internet marketing system has made selling GNLD products very easy though many GNLD business builders are still resistant. They walk long distances and making cold calls to make a sale which is the wrong way of doing the business. Of course in 70s and 80s it was okay to sell that way but things have now changed people are buying GNLD products/ services online.

The GNLD success game is very easy it works on the principle of duplication. In other words, the upline sells little, get other people and train them also to sell little and the entire team succeeds because of team work. Some people think that selling in GNLD business means selling the whole products in the GNLD company store which is wrong. It’s about selling little by little.

If you want to know that selling in life is very import look at the people you take to be rich around your area, they are all sales people. All reach people are rich because they are selling something. The day you will draw a conclusion that you cannot sell is the day you are going to start on the journey of broke because selling is not separated from success in life.

The good thing with GNLD products is that most of them are of a high quality in that, the client sold to always come back to buy them again. MLM companies really take time to develop high quality and unique products to compete on market. They don’t sell junk but they sell really products which solve people’s problems.

There are two major reasons selling is a second core value in GNLD business

That is where the monthly commission comes from. You have to know that MLM companies are not NGO, they are also in business and to pay you a commission they have to make money first through products/services movement.

The second reason is to enable distributors make profits on a daily basis. We all know that profits are better than wedges. The more you sell, the more money you put into your bank account and that means living a good lifestyle. For the wedge, you have to wait until the payment date comes for you to get the money.

Final thought

You have to learn to sell online to save money, energy and time you spend doing GNLD. Remember that GNLD is a part-time home business but when you fail to do it online, it will be a full time business. Get a website and start selling your products/services online.

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am as simple man very eager to learn new ideas more so when it comes to making money online through blogging.
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