Deal with negative GNLD prospects like this

No one is negative about the GNLD opportunity do this they will follow you

GNLD marketing is the business most people claim to know, but in actual sense they don’t know what it is all about. It is so unfortunate that some people in GNLD marketing also don’t understand its real concept that’s why there is no need to blame those ones outside GNLD marketing

There is a very big difference between knowledge and altitude that’s why it is not a guarantee that whoever has a hint about GNLD Company must have a positive attitude about this MLM of industry. Sometimes there is a need for ample time for someone’s attitude to change in the positive direction.

It is not that whoever has a positive attitude about GNLD Business had it in the beginning, but it is a gradual change. Most of us have had negative attitudes about this nature of business but because of research and understanding the concept we now have a positive mentality.

When I had just started GNLD business, I faced a challenge when almost everyone in my family was negative about the kind of business I had joined but with time and the results I got, some of these people started changing and they are now okay with the kind of business am doing and they love it so much.

Here is how to deal with people who have negative attitude about GNLD marketing

Give them books about GNLD marketing

Some people are negative about GNLD marketing because they don’t understand what it is all about and giving them books can create a change in the way they think about GNLD industry. Often I meet people who tell me that in GNLD marketing we work for the owners of the company to help them sell their products but after giving them books to understand the concept, they totally change their attitude. Some of the book I would recommend are;

  • The business of the 21st centaury
  • The business school
  • Cash flow quadrant
  • Your first year in network marketing
  • And others
  • Make sure you get the results

When people see you getting results from an opportunity, they start believing in it because people want to join things that work. Sometimes when you stay in GNLD marketing for so long without showing the results, people start doubting what you are doing therefore, make sure you do what you are supposed to do on a daily basis so that you achieve your dreams people will like it.

Work on your image

The first thing I worked on when I had just joined GNLD marketing is changing my dress code. When you look smart, people start believing in what you are doing because your dress code shows the size of your bank account.

Speak sense

Personal growth is something that changes people’s attitude towards what you are doing. Sometimes people judge you from what you talk and they say that so and so is intelligent and I want to work with him. The best way to speak sense is by reading other people’s books and the beauty about it is that some of these books are for free of charge if you know how to search for them on the internet.

Final thought

“Every day stand firm at the gate of your brain,” Jim Rhone said. Never let negative people put negative stuff into your brain because you will also get negative. Spend much of your time with people who are positive about what you are doing you will do things positively and achieve your dreams.


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am as simple man very eager to learn new ideas more so when it comes to making money online through blogging.
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