Everyone is willing to join GNLD business here is how to make them say YES to the business

Present GNLD business following this guideline and sponsor five people daily in your business

gnld business





GNLD business is one of the best opportunities almost everyone is looking for both online and offline but the distributors who present it make it hard for people to join it by not knowing exactly what to mention and what not to mention.

Presenting a GNLD business opportunity is something very easy especially when someone doing it takes time to plan for the presentation. Some GNLD business distributors don’t know that there is a very big difference between a sales presentation and a presentation of the findings that is why they fail to seal the deal after unveiling their opportunities to the people they want to join their GNLDE businesses.

The language used when selling something is unique and anyone who wants to succeed in selling has to master this kind of language. I believe many of you have even met a sales person when you don’t have money to buy what he/she is selling but because of the way he/she talks, you ended up borrowing or getting money from somewhere and bought the product. The emotional part he/she changed inside you is what you have also to aim at to change when presenting a GNLD business

The prospects to be sponsored in GNLD business are ever available only that the people who are looking for them don’t know how to get them join the business. Our aim is to help everyone get more YES from the prospects both online and offline to build a very successful business in a short period of time

Key points to mention when doing a GNLD business presentation

  1. Mention your story

One of the things that have helped successful MLM business builders sponsor endless reps is sharing their stories. There is power in sharing a story because the prospects realize that you were once like them so, they can too build an MLM business and become like you. There are MLM presentations you will attend and the person presenting will also share his/her story and prospects will ask for forms to join the business. This is not by accident, it is because of the way the story inspires and motivates the prospects to take action to change their lives.

Guidance on how to sharing a motivational story

Tell the prospects who you are

Share what you were doing before joining the GNLD business

Then go ahead and share how the business has changed your life

Tell the benefits you have gotten from the business

Share your dreams-how you see the future

2. Mention some people you have helped make money in your GNLD business

When prospects realize that you have a heart of helping others, they will join your MLM business because it is a guarantee that you will also help them. Much as MLM works on a principle of duplication by helping the people brought in the business master a fortune, there are GNLD business builders who don’t develop their leadership skills to start helping others and if you are planning to sponsor endless reps on a daily basis, you have to help them build the business.

Point to note; an upline is slave for the downline because he/she has to work tirelessly to see that his/her downline succeeds in the business. Don’t work the other way round.

3. Mention briefly the uniqueness of your products

One thing you have to know is that some prospects join because of the products the GNLD company deals in. because of this, the point of the uniqueness of the products doesn’t have to be left out since it moves some prospects to take action and join the business.

In doing this, you have to make sure that you are doing your MLM business with a company that has unique and multi purpose products that is the only way you can make people join your MLM opportunity because of the products. Here is how you can make people realize that your products have higher value

Compare their prices to other products on market

Explain their functions and compare them with other products on market

Do a product demonstration

And explain the science behind the products

4. Mention how long it takes to start earning good money in your MLM company

Showing the prospects that your marketing plan allows everyone to start making money as early as possible is one unique way of moving them because naturally people want to make quick money. When you tell prospects that they will take too long to start making money they will get disappointed and chances are high that they don’t join. So, always simplify the marketing plan for the prospects when presenting to them.

5. Compare your MLM opportunity to a job

You will find it challenging to do a presentation to people who have a job mentality. This arises from the training many people go through while at school. They are trained that the only way to live a good life is by getting a job so, they have to work hard on the job, get promotions and get a pay rise. To solve this challenge you have to compare the job and the business and explain how the employed sell their time to make a living that way, the prospects will join the business.


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