Recruiting GNLD prospects online tips your upline will never tell you

joiningMany GNLD distributors think that recruiting online is hard yet it is one of the easiest things of all the activities involved in building the GNLD business. You don’t have to be a computer scientist to qualify to get people join your GNLD business on the internet.

You will get surprised after realizing that you cannot finish the GNLD prospects online because GNLD has stood the test of time so, people worldwide are interested in knowing what it does and working with it.

One thing you have to know is that online GNLD recruiting is different from offline GNLD recruiting where you just have to bump into each and every one to explain your opportunity to them. The techniques are totally different that is why some people are very good at recruiting offline but when they come online, they fail to recruit even a single person into their businesses


If your upline is not using online GNLD recruiting methodology don’t expect him to teach you anything to do with MLM internet marketing but what you have to do is to look for a free MLM training to join and start learning how prospects are recruited online.

The fact is that online GNLD recruiting cannot be compared to offline recruiting because with this approach you get people without using too much energy. You do something small and you end up getting great results that is if you know what exactly you are doing.

The following are the five online GNLD recruiting secretes uplines don’t tell downlines

Build relationships with prospects online

From traffic we get leads which later convert into prospects. These are human beings who are looking for something to do to earn an extra income but to make them downlines you have to make them your friend right from the day they give you their contacts up to forever

Here is how you build relationships in online GNLD recruiting process

-Don’t look at them as buyers but treat them as someone who needs your support

-Get them into your online MLM training even before they pay to join

-Learn more about what motivates them to stretch it

-Give them a sample of the products/services your company is dealing in

-Always send them greetings

-Give them free support in other things

Get people to testify about your GNLD opportunity

A testimony is a powerful tool in online MLM recruiting process because online marketing means dealing with people who you have never seen and met as well so, to make them believe in what you are selling you have to let other people testify about it.

A testimony in online MLM recruiting presentation is something short just to move the prospect to take action and you don’t have to complicate it by letting people say irrelevant things when testifying.

Here is how to give a short and relevant story in online MLM recruiting

– Mention who you are

-Talk a little bit about how you were before joining the MLM business

-Talk about the benefits you have gotten from the MLM Company in summery

-Talk about how you see yourself in the business two years from now

-And lastly talk about your dreams

Present your GNLD opportunity not your GNLD Company

One of the reasons some people don’t recruit new downlines online is that they have failed to learn the art of presenting the opportunity in the right way. You always have to know that the prospects you are presenting to are not looking for an MLM company but instead they are looking for an opportunity so, put much emphasis on the opportunity not on the MLM Company.

Run many classified ads

Advertising freely using classifieds is another technique many upline use in online MLM recruiting though many never mention it when they are training their downlines. The fact is that people know these classifieds and they always visit them to look for an opportunity and when you display your ads well in there you will get people buying your idea.

Some of the best classifieds you have to consider when doing online MLM recruiting are here


Write more about your GNLD opportunity

The more you write about your GNLD opportunity the more you get people on your lead capture pages that are willing to give you their contacts to tell them more about your MLM opportunity. Like we have always made it clear that online marketing is about writing because the more you write, the more the Search Engine recognizes you and that means full support by the search engine.

Things to write about to do massive online MLM recruiting

-Write about making money online

-Write about selling online

-Write about early retirement

-Write about business training

-And very many others

Final note

All the people you are looking for to recruit into your MLM business are online and if you are serious you want to build your business in a very short time go online by getting a website to start your journey of internet marketing.



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  1. GIFT says:

    My name is Gift from Nigeria, i have being following this site, I am a GNLD distributor that make to succed, pls how can i get a site to run my business?


  2. It’s fantastic that you are getting ideas from this piece of writing as well as from our dialogue made here.


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