Before you change from GNLD business to another MLM company do these things

gGNLD businessBecause some GNLD distributors do not know the kind of gold they have, they keep looking for other network marketing companies and they end up quitting GNLD business.

GNLD business will never be a problem because for almost 60 years, people have used the same opportunity to realize their dreams which means that if you are not succeeding, the problem is with you.

MLM companies are many and almost every day a new one come up, but the issue is not about the number of these companies but the number of people who have succeeded in these companies and how long have they been successful.


In most cases changing from the GNLD business to other MLM companies is not the solution but it is about realizing where you go wrong and make sure that you get knowledge to improve the way you do your business rather than looking for another company because if your challenge is sponsoring, no one will sponsor for you in the new MLM company you have joined.

Another point to put into considerations is that MLM companies are also in business and they are not charitable organizations to just give away money to whoever applies for it so, you have to first qualify to earn some money from these companies and changing from GNLD business to other MLM companies will not change this fact.

Almost all MLM companies which have built credibility have great opportunities and in most cases the people who quit are the ones who have issues. The category of people who change companies claim that they are looking for simple compensation plans, but if you want a simple one, it is better you start up your company otherwise you will never find a simple plan.

The following are some of the things you should do before leaving GNLD business to join another MLM company to join it.

Explain to your GNLD team what you want to do and if they agree, do it

One of the most unfortunate things is quitting an GNLD business when you have not told the people you brought in the business about it. Take time and think about your upline who introduced you in the business; if they told you that your upline joined another company how would you feel? Of course you would think that he showed you a wrong opportunity. This is the same thing that happen to the downlines you brought in the business when you change the company.

Talk to your clients who have been buying your GNLD products

Always remember that your clients are wise and they know the kind of products/services and your brand you are dealing in and it may take you time to convince them to buy the products of another MLM company you have joined. To handle this issue, always alert your clients before making the decision of changing the company.

Study MLM to find out whether you are the challenge to your business

I have seen very many people who quit one company to join another company due to failure to understand how the business works. MLM is a life time business not a get rich quick scheme so, understand the concept very well and never try to think that delay in success means failure in this industry.

Revise the GNLD compensation plan

Some times people think that their MLM compensation plans are hard yet it is them who don’t understand exactly how it works. Make sure that your plan is on your fingertips because you also have to explain it to your downlines and understanding it very well will give you courage to plan on how to penetrate instead of just changing the company.

Final thought about changing from GNLD business

I wouldn’t recommend changing an MLM company because the company you are quitting has whatever you are looking for into other companies. Just start building your MLM business online you will get what you want out of MLM business



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1 Response to Before you change from GNLD business to another MLM company do these things

  1. OSAS ASEMOTA says:

    I love gnld,its also good to be trained before enbarking on a goal to looking for downlines.


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