The final word your GNLD leads need to take action

gnld leadsMany people in GNLD business aim at generating leads but they do not focus on conversion yet the point is not how many leads you generate but how many people take action to join your business.

It is necessary to take time and learn how to work with GNLD leads otherwise, time will be wasted generating them and nothing much will be done. As a network marketing business builder, learning how to handle leads is a must because it is leads generation and handling results into success in network marketing business.

The final word your GNLD leads need to take action is explaining the benefits they will get when they join the business.

The problem with network marketing business builder is that they focus much on explaining the compensation plan. This is okay, but the prospects do not join the business because of a compensation plan instead they join because they see them selves achieving their dreams from the business.

Reasons why GNLD prospects want to know the benefits not the compensation plan;

Many prospects have financial challenges

Much as people join network marketing business for different reasons, financial benefit rank number one on the list. People are doing badly financially and when they get someone who can address their financial challenges, they take immediate action.

Someone who is looking for what to do to earn a living will never get time to understand the compensation plan, but all he/she wants to hear is the amount of money the compensation plan pays to distributors.


If you realize that most of the leads you have generated are interested in money, explain the financial bit of the compensation plan they will take action without having to think about the negative effects of the business they are joining.

No prospect can understand the compensation plan the first time he/she come across it

Did you know that it takes years for some distributors to understand the whole compensation plan of the network marketing company they are in partnership with? If you think it is a lie, try assessing your downlines you will see what we are talking about.

If distributors do not understand the compensation plan how do you expect the prospects to understand it? Focus on explaining the benefits the prospects will be moved in fact sometimes amidst a network marketing presentation prospects leave the meeting because of not understanding what the presenter is presenting. Be clear while presenting you will win the prospects.

Final note on GNLD leads generation

Leads is part of equation of success in network marketing but it involves generating them and talking to them to take action. Having very many leads without making them take action is useless.




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  1. Qozeem Abdulbaasit says:

    I Thank ALLAH ( SWT ) To Show Me Neolife, If Not, Where Could I Be Today


  2. Qozeem Abdulbaasit says:

    If It Is Not ALLAH, Who Show Me Neolife Where Could I Be


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