Doing network marketing business online id different from doing it offline because online system is not a system many people are used to. The following are some of the questions and answers people ask about mlm internet marketing;

  1. Which mlm company can I join?

There are so many mlm companies which gives people an opportunity to realize their dreams. You can find some of them here.

  1. How do I sign up with the mlm company I want to do business with?

This is very easy, just go to its website and inquire about joining the business. They will guide you on how you can do it.

  1. How do I earn money from online mlm business?

In most cases, there are three ways how online mlm companies pay

(a)    You earn a profit wherever you sell a product the company is dealing in

(b)   You earn a commission from all the sales volume your team generates

(c)    There are some other incentives the company put up.

  1. What is the size of the commission?

You can find out from the online mlm company you are doing business with. Different companies have different profit margins, therefore find out from your mlm company.

  1.  What do I need to have my mlm business run online?

My answer to this question is very simple; you only need a blog or a static website. You can choose to have both of them.

  1.  How can I have a blog or a static website?

You can have an mlm blog by someone helping you at a very low cost. Alternatively, you can do de it yourself if you are well conversant with internet marketing, but it would be better if someone help you do it for you.

  1.  How do I get people to visit my mlm blog?

This is very easy, it is just a matter of promoting your mlm blog, and keep posting blog posts daily. Some people choose to pay some money for advertisement, but if you feel you do not have enough money, you do things like commenting on other people’s mlm blogs, joining groups with different social media to invite them to your mlm blog and so many others

  1. How do I do the presentation to the people who visit my mlm blog / static website?

Different people uses different methods of presenting to people, some uses written articles while others use videos to do presentation. Just keep trying you will find what works for you better. On addition to that, you have to have a lead capture page to help you get people to present to.

  1.  How do I follow up these people?

Following up in mlm internet marketing is easy, you can have a system called auto responder to help you communicate to your prospects often.

        10. How do I sell my products online?

Selling products is as easy as learning how Google adword works. This helps you advertise effectively and at the same time choose words effectively for you to get good target traffic to your mlm blog/ static website.

        11.  How long does it take to succeed in online mlm?

There is no limited time for each individual to succeed in mlm internet marketing. It depends on the activities done someone does on a daily basis. If you take massive action, you will get massive results.

       12. On average how much money can I make from online mlm?

There is no limit to how much money you can earn from mlm internet marketing. The more the products move, the more money you make.

         13. How can I get the training for online mlm business?

There are so many people who offer online mlm training, but you can try out this

        14. Can I join more than one online mlm company?

It depends on the mlm company you are doing business with, if they allow you, you can go ahead, but I suggest you join one mlm company and maximize all your effort on it, you raise to the top.

        15. Can I sponsor in a foreign country?

This is exactly what online mlm is about, it gives you a chance to do your mlm business worldwide.

      16. Of the two sponsoring and selling, which one should I focus on the most?

They are both important because you have to get people in your online mlm business and teach them how to sell for you to earn. The more people you have the more products you sell in your organization and the more money you earn.



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