gnld international has got a number of terminologies which are compulsory for all gnld distributors to learn
PV (Point Value)
PV is a Point Value assigned to each product and is used to qualify for bonuses, recognition
and achievements. PV doesn’t change as prices are adjusted. So no matter what the price of an item, the
amount of PV which must be sold to attain particular bonus qualifications does not vary from year to year.
PPV (Personal Point Value )
Personal PV is PV on your Distributor Account and represents the total Point
Value of all products that you purchased during the month. 100 PPV is the minimum monthly activity for a
Distributor to be eligible to participate in GNLD’s Marketing Plan Bonuses and Incentives.
QPV (Qualified Point Value)
QPV is a combined PV figure: your Personal PV for the month plus the PV of
all the Distributors you’ve sponsored, and that they have sponsored, extending to the next Qualified Director in
your downline. Your QPV determines the percentage of Sales Volume Bonus that you qualify to earn each month.
Qualified Director
 Qualified Director is a Distributor who has the Director Title and accumulates at least
4,000 QPV. Qualified Directors earn the 20% “Top of the Chart” Sales Volume Bonus.
Group PV (Group Point Value)
 Is your QPV plus the QPV of all Qualified Directors in your first three levels.
BV(Bonus Volume)
 BV is a currency value assigned to each product on which your bonuses are calculated.
BV values for each product can be found in the Confidential Distributor Price List. BV changes along with
prices and is therefore an inflation-fighting feature. As cost of living and product prices go up over time, so
does your income!
Note – BV does not have a fixed relationship to PV for each product. The average ratio for products sold in the United States is
approximately $1.60 BV per PV.
SRP (Suggested Retail Price)
Suggested Retail Price is the price GNLD recommends that you use to
sell to Retail Customers. Customer Retail Price Lists are available from GNLD.
DC (Distributor Cost)
Distributor Cost is the wholesale cost of GNLD products to the Distributor. All registered
Distributors can purchase product directly from GNLD at Distributor Cost.
 Your standing order with GNLD delivered to you automatically each month. Placing a 100PV or
more autoship order ensures that you qualify to earn a Sales Volume Bonus each month according to your
QPV. Your first 100PV or more autoship order is shipped for free.

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