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All network marketing companies will tell you they have the best products ever. the fact is, not all products are good, some companies hire other companies to make for them products. for the case of GNLD, it has a scientific Advisory Board, which was formed by doctor Arthur furst to make sure that all gnld products goes through the right chanel before brought on the market. that is why these products have been around for now 50 years plus, in over 60+ countries. that shows how good the products are, otherwise if they were not good, we wouldn’t have stayed in the industry for that long.

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Gnld makes five ranges of products. this gives a chance to all distributors to sell what they want but not what the company wants them to sell.

1. Nutritional products

. gnld makes food supplements not to cure diseases but to prevent chronic diseases. they are made out foods, fruits, and vegetables. they are rich in vitamins, minerals, lipid, sterols, amino acids, good cholesterol(omega fat acids), enzymes, and the list is endless.

you can also watch a videos of the science behind GNLD nutritional products

2. Personal care.

personal caregnld skin care products are completely natural, they are not made out of chemicals to irritate the skin, which may cause cancer. gnld believes that all people want to look better, that is why this range is also on market.

you can learn more about GNLD’s personal care products using the video below

3. Cleaning products. this range is made to help people live in a clean environment. all people clean their homes, but most of them use dangerous chemicals according to the report which was released by women’s voice for the earth in 2001.  this is why skin cancer is at a higher rate. gnld cleaning products are;  non toxic, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and milt-functional.

learn how gnld cleaning products work

4. Weight management. it is designed to help people maintain their body shape, this helps to cut the rate at which people get chronic diseases due to overweight. it is better to use it t, though it can also cut weight.

for more information, refer to:

5. Herbal alternatives.Developed by the world’s foremost medical herbalist under the guidance of The Scientific Advisory Board, GNLD’s Herbal Alternatives feature exceptionally pure herbs, hand-harvested in ancient fields without toxic gases, gamma radiation, or preservatives, uniting modern science with 6,000 years of herbal Ayurvedic (from India), Chinese, European, African, and American traditions.

you can learn from anexpert:

for more information, you can flip through the GNLD products catalogue

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    how can someone deliver a product that has been bought online


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