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This is specifically designed for all gnld and non gnld distributors to help you generate enough traffic for their blog / website. Lead generation is something all network marketers have to put into consideration because without it, there is no online business. Designing and hosting an mlm blog / website is not enough. You have to make sure that people find your blog on a daily basis to sponsor them and at the same time sell to them your products.


The most convenient and free system that can help everyone generate leads is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If there is something all mlm internet builders should think of, it should be SEO. The moment you learn and master how it works, you are in the business.
SEO helps mlm interment marketers cut expenses on advertisement. You don’t have to spend all the money you have displaying your Ads all over the internet. Just learn to select words that can help you rank on the first pages of top search engines
Very many people don’t know how to use Google search tools. They think by using the words which rank high, they will get very many visitors. My advice about this is, go for words which rank low in the search engine; there is very limited competition for these words.
just sign in with Google Adword and get ranking of the words you want to use on your mlm blog / site

social media

social media is another great way of generating leads. if you learn how it works, you will never think of quiting internet marketing. there are different ways of using social media to generate leads and lets us look at some of them.
using facebook
facebook is used in different ways to generate leads. one of them is, by displaying Ads for facebook users to view. this increases the leads to an mlm blog / site.
another way you can use facebook to generate leads is by joining groups which are related to mlm business. this helps you get more leads because some of the members in the group will be visiting your mlm blog / site.

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