GNLD Marketing tips every distributor is looking for are finally discovered

The marketing tips you need to start selling poison to rats are here and mastering them will help you make at least $200 daily selling GNLD products online

GNLD Marketing tips are skills and techniques every GNLD distributor needs to sell products daily to make money. Many GNLD distributors complicate marketing because of failure to learn how exactly to display products/services in the eyes of the consumers to buy them.

GNLD marketing tipsMany marketing tips books have been written and people are still releasing new, but the issue is not having very many of these tips on your finger tips but rather, taking action to see that the business brings in the kind of results you want to get.

The people who succeed in GNLD business uses different marketing tips to build their businesses and they are ever very alert to see what works and what doesn’t work. The good thing with them is that they are ever flexible in that; whenever they realize that something is not working they change immediately unlike the failures who keep following a system even if it is not generating results

The following are GNLD Marketing tips everyone is looking for

Focus on helping people solve their problems not making profits out of GNLD products

By the time a person starts to look for a GNLD product to buy this person has a problem he/she wants to solve. This is one of the best network marketing tips I recommend people to put into considerations because if clients see that you are not intending to help them in most cases they don’t buy from you what you are selling.

When you focus on making profits rather than helping people you make profits in short term but helping people is a long term business process because the people you sell to will always recommend to you other people to sell to them and help them also.

Network tips are many but the issue of helping people get out of the problems is something every client is looking for from the sales people. If you try forcing people to buy what you are selling they will easily notice that you are just interested in their money not helping them.

Focus on GNLD products people cannot do away with

Think about selling a product called, ‘die when you 200 years old’ I guarantee you that people will buy it before even buying food as long as you prove to them that the product you are selling works. The people who write marketing tips skip this tip because they don’t know the power behind it.

Selling products/services which don’t solve a number of people’s problems sometimes is wastage of time because very few people will buy them. This calls for doing market research before making a decision to sell a certain product and find out the number of people looking for that specific product/service.

Demonstrate how the GNLD products work

Sometimes prospects want the products/services but they are not sure whether the product/service works or not. It is the responsibility of a sales person to show the prospects that, look what you are looking for has the solution for your problem through demonstration.

One thing you have to put in mind is that customers are different. There are those who just take action and buy the product whenever they see it but such clients are very few. Majority of the clients take time that is why sometimes selling to them is a process not a deal.

The best way to demonstrate the products/services for the customers is you yourself using and understanding the product you are selling. When you use the products, you can easily show others how it works because you know very well the impact it can make.

Follow up the people you talk to about the products/services

Like the way we said in one of the marketing tips above that selling is not a deal, but it is a process. It is wise to develop a follow up system to use to communicate to the people who show interest in what you are selling because sometimes people buy products/services after a year from the day they see it.

The best way to follow up clients is by having a mail list. Many people claim that they want to sell online but they don’t know exactly what to do and what they need. A mail list is a must have in online selling because with internet selling you have to remind the people that look, the product you wanted to buy is still on market please take action.

Don’t dodge questions customers ask you

This is one of the marketing tips we leave out because many people have not taken time to understand the power of accuracy in answering the customer questions. Customers are not animals to buy whatever you display, they have choices and they want to know exactly what they are buying so, always take time and answer their questions

The problems come in when you don’t know how the products/services you are dealing work. Before start selling something, study it thoroughly so that you can answer any questions about it and the good thing is that many products/services have FAQ so, go through them and master the products.

Final note

Just reading marketing tips is not enough but you have to practice what you are reading for you to be able to make money on a daily basis. Start today and do all the things we have seen above you will see the difference in your business.


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Recruiting GNLD prospects online tips your upline will never tell you

joiningMany GNLD distributors think that recruiting online is hard yet it is one of the easiest things of all the activities involved in building the GNLD business. You don’t have to be a computer scientist to qualify to get people join your GNLD business on the internet.

You will get surprised after realizing that you cannot finish the GNLD prospects online because GNLD has stood the test of time so, people worldwide are interested in knowing what it does and working with it.

One thing you have to know is that online GNLD recruiting is different from offline GNLD recruiting where you just have to bump into each and every one to explain your opportunity to them. The techniques are totally different that is why some people are very good at recruiting offline but when they come online, they fail to recruit even a single person into their businesses


If your upline is not using online GNLD recruiting methodology don’t expect him to teach you anything to do with MLM internet marketing but what you have to do is to look for a free MLM training to join and start learning how prospects are recruited online.

The fact is that online GNLD recruiting cannot be compared to offline recruiting because with this approach you get people without using too much energy. You do something small and you end up getting great results that is if you know what exactly you are doing.

The following are the five online GNLD recruiting secretes uplines don’t tell downlines

Build relationships with prospects online

From traffic we get leads which later convert into prospects. These are human beings who are looking for something to do to earn an extra income but to make them downlines you have to make them your friend right from the day they give you their contacts up to forever

Here is how you build relationships in online GNLD recruiting process

-Don’t look at them as buyers but treat them as someone who needs your support

-Get them into your online MLM training even before they pay to join

-Learn more about what motivates them to stretch it

-Give them a sample of the products/services your company is dealing in

-Always send them greetings

-Give them free support in other things

Get people to testify about your GNLD opportunity

A testimony is a powerful tool in online MLM recruiting process because online marketing means dealing with people who you have never seen and met as well so, to make them believe in what you are selling you have to let other people testify about it.

A testimony in online MLM recruiting presentation is something short just to move the prospect to take action and you don’t have to complicate it by letting people say irrelevant things when testifying.

Here is how to give a short and relevant story in online MLM recruiting

– Mention who you are

-Talk a little bit about how you were before joining the MLM business

-Talk about the benefits you have gotten from the MLM Company in summery

-Talk about how you see yourself in the business two years from now

-And lastly talk about your dreams

Present your GNLD opportunity not your GNLD Company

One of the reasons some people don’t recruit new downlines online is that they have failed to learn the art of presenting the opportunity in the right way. You always have to know that the prospects you are presenting to are not looking for an MLM company but instead they are looking for an opportunity so, put much emphasis on the opportunity not on the MLM Company.

Run many classified ads

Advertising freely using classifieds is another technique many upline use in online MLM recruiting though many never mention it when they are training their downlines. The fact is that people know these classifieds and they always visit them to look for an opportunity and when you display your ads well in there you will get people buying your idea.

Some of the best classifieds you have to consider when doing online MLM recruiting are here


Write more about your GNLD opportunity

The more you write about your GNLD opportunity the more you get people on your lead capture pages that are willing to give you their contacts to tell them more about your MLM opportunity. Like we have always made it clear that online marketing is about writing because the more you write, the more the Search Engine recognizes you and that means full support by the search engine.

Things to write about to do massive online MLM recruiting

-Write about making money online

-Write about selling online

-Write about early retirement

-Write about business training

-And very many others

Final note

All the people you are looking for to recruit into your MLM business are online and if you are serious you want to build your business in a very short time go online by getting a website to start your journey of internet marketing.



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Everyone is willing to join GNLD business here is how to make them say YES to the business

Present GNLD business following this guideline and sponsor five people daily in your business

gnld business





GNLD business is one of the best opportunities almost everyone is looking for both online and offline but the distributors who present it make it hard for people to join it by not knowing exactly what to mention and what not to mention.

Presenting a GNLD business opportunity is something very easy especially when someone doing it takes time to plan for the presentation. Some GNLD business distributors don’t know that there is a very big difference between a sales presentation and a presentation of the findings that is why they fail to seal the deal after unveiling their opportunities to the people they want to join their GNLDE businesses.

The language used when selling something is unique and anyone who wants to succeed in selling has to master this kind of language. I believe many of you have even met a sales person when you don’t have money to buy what he/she is selling but because of the way he/she talks, you ended up borrowing or getting money from somewhere and bought the product. The emotional part he/she changed inside you is what you have also to aim at to change when presenting a GNLD business

The prospects to be sponsored in GNLD business are ever available only that the people who are looking for them don’t know how to get them join the business. Our aim is to help everyone get more YES from the prospects both online and offline to build a very successful business in a short period of time

Key points to mention when doing a GNLD business presentation

  1. Mention your story

One of the things that have helped successful MLM business builders sponsor endless reps is sharing their stories. There is power in sharing a story because the prospects realize that you were once like them so, they can too build an MLM business and become like you. There are MLM presentations you will attend and the person presenting will also share his/her story and prospects will ask for forms to join the business. This is not by accident, it is because of the way the story inspires and motivates the prospects to take action to change their lives.

Guidance on how to sharing a motivational story

Tell the prospects who you are

Share what you were doing before joining the GNLD business

Then go ahead and share how the business has changed your life

Tell the benefits you have gotten from the business

Share your dreams-how you see the future

2. Mention some people you have helped make money in your GNLD business

When prospects realize that you have a heart of helping others, they will join your MLM business because it is a guarantee that you will also help them. Much as MLM works on a principle of duplication by helping the people brought in the business master a fortune, there are GNLD business builders who don’t develop their leadership skills to start helping others and if you are planning to sponsor endless reps on a daily basis, you have to help them build the business.

Point to note; an upline is slave for the downline because he/she has to work tirelessly to see that his/her downline succeeds in the business. Don’t work the other way round.

3. Mention briefly the uniqueness of your products

One thing you have to know is that some prospects join because of the products the GNLD company deals in. because of this, the point of the uniqueness of the products doesn’t have to be left out since it moves some prospects to take action and join the business.

In doing this, you have to make sure that you are doing your MLM business with a company that has unique and multi purpose products that is the only way you can make people join your MLM opportunity because of the products. Here is how you can make people realize that your products have higher value

Compare their prices to other products on market

Explain their functions and compare them with other products on market

Do a product demonstration

And explain the science behind the products

4. Mention how long it takes to start earning good money in your MLM company

Showing the prospects that your marketing plan allows everyone to start making money as early as possible is one unique way of moving them because naturally people want to make quick money. When you tell prospects that they will take too long to start making money they will get disappointed and chances are high that they don’t join. So, always simplify the marketing plan for the prospects when presenting to them.

5. Compare your MLM opportunity to a job

You will find it challenging to do a presentation to people who have a job mentality. This arises from the training many people go through while at school. They are trained that the only way to live a good life is by getting a job so, they have to work hard on the job, get promotions and get a pay rise. To solve this challenge you have to compare the job and the business and explain how the employed sell their time to make a living that way, the prospects will join the business.


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Deal with negative GNLD prospects like this

No one is negative about the GNLD opportunity do this they will follow you

GNLD marketing is the business most people claim to know, but in actual sense they don’t know what it is all about. It is so unfortunate that some people in GNLD marketing also don’t understand its real concept that’s why there is no need to blame those ones outside GNLD marketing

There is a very big difference between knowledge and altitude that’s why it is not a guarantee that whoever has a hint about GNLD Company must have a positive attitude about this MLM of industry. Sometimes there is a need for ample time for someone’s attitude to change in the positive direction.

It is not that whoever has a positive attitude about GNLD Business had it in the beginning, but it is a gradual change. Most of us have had negative attitudes about this nature of business but because of research and understanding the concept we now have a positive mentality.

When I had just started GNLD business, I faced a challenge when almost everyone in my family was negative about the kind of business I had joined but with time and the results I got, some of these people started changing and they are now okay with the kind of business am doing and they love it so much.

Here is how to deal with people who have negative attitude about GNLD marketing

Give them books about GNLD marketing

Some people are negative about GNLD marketing because they don’t understand what it is all about and giving them books can create a change in the way they think about GNLD industry. Often I meet people who tell me that in GNLD marketing we work for the owners of the company to help them sell their products but after giving them books to understand the concept, they totally change their attitude. Some of the book I would recommend are;

  • The business of the 21st centaury
  • The business school
  • Cash flow quadrant
  • Your first year in network marketing
  • And others
  • Make sure you get the results

When people see you getting results from an opportunity, they start believing in it because people want to join things that work. Sometimes when you stay in GNLD marketing for so long without showing the results, people start doubting what you are doing therefore, make sure you do what you are supposed to do on a daily basis so that you achieve your dreams people will like it.

Work on your image

The first thing I worked on when I had just joined GNLD marketing is changing my dress code. When you look smart, people start believing in what you are doing because your dress code shows the size of your bank account.

Speak sense

Personal growth is something that changes people’s attitude towards what you are doing. Sometimes people judge you from what you talk and they say that so and so is intelligent and I want to work with him. The best way to speak sense is by reading other people’s books and the beauty about it is that some of these books are for free of charge if you know how to search for them on the internet.

Final thought

“Every day stand firm at the gate of your brain,” Jim Rhone said. Never let negative people put negative stuff into your brain because you will also get negative. Spend much of your time with people who are positive about what you are doing you will do things positively and achieve your dreams.


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Perfect answer for the question, “how can someone build GNLDbusiness online?”

Build GNLD business online tips

copy & paste

Of all the questions I have been answering about internet marketing, the question on how to build GNLD business online has been the question I have answered very many times ever since I started writing about online GNLD. The challenge is that, I have been attending to this question briefly and today let me write a full article answering this question.

The people who build GNLD business both online and offline are different from people in other industries. GNLD business builders are leaders and when they ask you a question, they want to learn each and everything since they have too to teach their downlines in their GNLD organizations which is a good idea because the more you teach others a concept, the more you master it.

Building GNLD business online is very easy like building other businesses offline if am to say. The only challenge is that, the people who want to do it are a little bit hesitant when it comes to sacrificing some little money to put all the tools needed together for the business to give them the results they want to get.

Here are the three main tools you need to build an GNLD business online;

The first thing you need is an independent website

When we talk about having an independent website to build GNLD business online some GNLD distributors seem not to be getting the point right, but today we are going to see some reasons why each GNLD distributor should have an independent website to build a successful GNLD business online.

Having an independent website means having a personal office where you meet your clients independently without any influence from an GNLD company and upline leaders in your GNLD Company. The fact remains the fact; in GNLD business we work as a team but we succeed individually and for that matter, think about having an independent GNLD website and pursue your dreams.

Reasons for having an independent GNLD website;

You win prospects’ trust

Like the way it is said, adding value to yourself means people following you and believing in whatever you tell them. This saying is perfect when it comes to building GNLD business online. The prospects always trust you if you send them to your independent website than sending them to your GNLD company’s website. They see you from a different angle and when you promise them also to teach them to build their GNLD businesses online after joining, many of them will say YES to your GNLD business.

You get a chance to write about your GNLD opportunity

One of the reasons people don’t join your GNLD business is because you have not published any content about it. Change this and you start writing articles about your GNLD business people will click on your JOIN NOW button. Writing about my GNLD opportunity has given me a chance to sponsor prospects from all the continents this planet earth has. Have a blog for publishing articles you will succeed online.

You stand out of the crowd

When I thought about build my GNLD business online the first thing that came to my mind was using the GNLD Company’s website something that never worked. The reason it never worked is because of the competition for the search keyword/terms was very stiff and I failed to rank well to get the people I was trying to target to join my GNLD business online. This was a very big lesson to me and I learned one thing which is; if you are to go online, stand out of the crowd and have an independent website to rank for certain keywords.

Make money away from your GNLD company and facilitate your GNLD business

The biggest percentages of people who join GNLD business join because they want to make an extra income after having financial challenges. If this is your reason for joining GNLD business, you can go ahead and make an extra income from your independent GNLD website away from your GNLD Company. I know this sounds good. Think about earning an extra $400 a moth just using your GNLD website! How does it sound? Wow! I know to people like me who want money it sounds sweet. So, have an independent GNLD website to achieve this.


The second thing you need to build GNLD business online is Training to learn how the system work

The fact is that; having an independent GNLD website is not enough; you have to go ahead and learn how it is used to get the people you are targeting to sponsor in your GNLD business and also sell to your GNLD products. There are very many people who offer online GNLD trainings but their trainings differ. Many of them claim to be training GNLD business builders but in actual sense they are not training them instead they are using them to make money online, therefore, watch out while paying for an online GNLD training.

The third thing you need to build GNLD business online is the time to work online

We normally say that working online means having a system in place that work on your behalf. This is true, but this will never happen when you have just started internet marketing. You have to give the system enough time so that it can rank well for you to get people to believe in what you are telling them. The beauty is that, when you set the system well it can work for you in your absence but this takes time.

Some of the things you can spend your time doing on your GNLD websites daily are here;

Writing articles

Promoting your GNLD website on social media sites like linkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and others

Posting articles in free classified websites like backpages

Learning some computer programming languages like javascript, PHP, CSS, HTM and others.


Putting into practice the three points we have looked at above will make you succeed online, and am sure that it is what you need now for your business to be number one in the top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


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Facts everyone should know about GNLD business


There are very many people, who ask me about the negative part of the GNLD opportunity, but sometimes I don’t answer them. The fact remains the fact; success in GNLD business is not as easy as pie. There are some challenges to meet along the way on your way to success in GNLD business.

GET A WEBSITE AT $100 and build GNLD online in a very easy way

Like any other businesses, GNLD also has its challenges and many of the people who succeed in this industry have also gone through these challenges. The most unfortunate thing is that there are some people who think that they can succeed in GNLD business without facings the challenges of GNLD business which will never happen.

In life there is a price for everything and the price for GNLD business success is persisting through the tough challenges of network marketing. Am not threatening you, but am making the business simple and clear for you so that you can understand it. There is nothing like quick success in this industry and no one should lie to you.

The beauty about GNLD businessis that the people who sponsor others in the business are willing to help them go through these challenges of network marketing. That is the biggest difference between GNLD business and other businesses where everyone does things independently without any support from others.

Challenges of GNLD business can easily be solved and handled because in most cases they are related to people skills. If you can become a great leader, it is a guarantee that you have succeeded in network marketing. There is nothing much you have to work on or fix for you to succeed; only knowing how to relate with people.

Here are the top five challenges of GNLD business

  • Lack of support from the upline

This is one of the common challenges of GNLD business where some uplines don’t care about their downlines. The fact is that we don’t sponsor new people in our GNLD business downlineship to work for us but to support them build a successful GNLD business because when they succeed, we also succeed. There are downlines who really suffer because they are left independently without training them on how the business works. My advice is; if your immediate upline is not willing to give you support skip him and work with his upline, he will support you.

  • Lack of enough money to run the business

The fact is that to a certain extent you will need some money to properly run GNLD business though most people in GNLD business will never tell you so. Many people who join GNLD business join when they have very little money and along the way, they fail to raise some money to properly run the business. I would encourage each and every one to start selling immediately he joins GNLD businessso that he can raise some money to run the business well because when you sell, you earn a profit.

  • Lack of internet marketing skills

Like the way I have always endorsed internet marketing to be the best marketing strategy for network marketing. It really works because you have over three billion prospects to depiction your opportunity and products to. The challenge is that many people doing GNLD business don’t know how exactly the system work, but we can help you master the concept starting from having a Website to get an address where prospects can find you.

  • limited prospects to talk to about the opportunity and the products as well

It is also a GNLD business challenge of not having people to talk to about the business and the products as well. GNLD business is a people business because you have to spread the gospel of the opportunity and the products to others. Use internet marketing and you will never run out of the prospects to expose your business to.

  • Penetrating the GNLD compensation plan

GNLD is like any other network marketing company where success cannot be realized in one month. It takes time to succeed in GNLD business like any other business in real life. This one of the challenges though most people hide it from the new prospects they talk to about the GNLD opportunity.

  • Final thought

Much as GNLD business has challenges, it is the only business where you can retire early, young, and rich because it involves building a system and multiply your time and your income on a daily basis something you will never find in other businesses unless you have over a million dollar to put together very many employees to sell their time to you.

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Learn these skills and succeed building GNLD using internet marketing approach

Like the way we have always said in our GNLD articles that GNLD internet marketing business is a bit different from offline GNLD business. Because the two marketing approaches are different, that means that even the leadership skills are a bit different though many of these skills are the same.

The people who succeed in GNLD internet marketing have unique leadership skills, in fact the reason why most people quit GNLD internet marketing and stick to offline GNLD marketing is the failure to master these unique skills which we are going to be looking at in today’s GNLD blog post.


Building GNLD internet marketing business means leading a group of people to a certain destination and that destination is the place where the downline’s dreams are. Different people join GNLD business with different targets and dreams and as an upline, you have to use leadership skills to make sure that all people who join your GNLD internet marketing business realize their dreams.

As an upline in internet marketing business, you always have to make sure that you are ahead of all your downlines as far as Internet Marketing knowledge is concerned. It will be ill-starred for a downline to ask you something and you tell him that you don’t know the answer. This is a sign of having a leader who is a gambler. You have to know each and everything about the GNLD internet marketing industry to attend to all the questions downlines ask you.

There are several reasons why developing leadership skills in GNLD internet marketing business is a must and some of these reasons are below;

To properly support the newbies in GNLD internet marketing business by showing them all the Dos and Don’ts in the business for quick success

To be a good trainer since success in GNLD internet marketing business is about training others how the business works.

To stop downlines from looking for other GNLD opportunities because they will be won over that you are the best upline the earth has produced

To physique a strong fortune because when you train all the downlines in GNLD internet marketing business what to do you will never suffer monitoring your business because they will know what to do.

To manage the GNLD internet marketing organization since the only way to manage the big team is by having enough leaders in the team.

Below are the five leadership skills required to successfully building an GNLD internet marketing business;



  • GNLD Internet marketing communication skill

GNLD internet marketing business is a people business and because of this, communication is something very vital. I know that you are wondering if communication is also a skill but it is, different people come from different walks of the world and they all need to be talked to differently to understand what you are saying. You have to learn how to communicate to your downlines and prospects through mails, skype, phone calls, training presentations and business opportunity presentation. Remember that the more you communicate to people, the better your communication skill improves.

  • GNLD internet marketing reading skill

Am very sure that everyone knows that leaders are readers. The people you are leading always expect something new from you and they always think that you have a solution to all problems they are facing in their businesses. To be an expert on tackling all the problems your downlines are going through, you have to be a reader. The beauty about internet marketing is that information is displayed for you at zero cost so read it to successfully help your downlines in GNLD internet marketing.

  • GNLD internet marketing computer programing skill

Of course all people you will sponsor/recruit in your GNLD internet marketing business are not computer programmers. Many of them have never done internet marketing and you are the one to support them starting from the day they join your GNLD internet marketing business. You have to learn basic computer programing languages most especially the languages used in web designing like Javascript, PhP, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), HTML and others to help your downlines fix all the problems they face in their GNLD internet marketing businesses.

  • GNLD internet marketing inspirational skill

The reason you will retain the higher percentage of the people you sponsor/recruit in your GNLD internet marketing business is the ability to motivate them. This skill is really very crucial in the process of building GNLD business because many downlines don’t understand that GNLD internet marketing business takes time to grow so you have to keep motivating them to keep on keeping on.

  • GNLD internet marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skill

This is the hardest skill to develop in GNLD internet marketing business. I can guarantee you that I know so many people who have been in internet marketing for very many years and up to today they know nothing about Search Engine Optimization. Once this skill is mastered, you will never fail to build any business on the internet because Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means the ability to promote your website/blog to be seen in the top search engine by the people you are targeting. Join our training for this lesson.

  • Final thought

Anyone can build GNLD business using internet marketing approach on the condition that he/she learns the above five skills. There is no magic that is required to succeed, but the only requirement is the above five skills. Write them down and start improving on them on a daily basis to stop suffering offline looking for prospects to join your GNLD business and also clients to buy your products.








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