Networking tips to improve your GNLD business activities

GNLDA number of daily activities have to be done daily for success to be realized in GNLD otherwise, someone is likely to spend 20 years working hard building a GNLD business and nothing will be reached.

Very many networking tips have been written about by the different authors in different industries, but these tips we are about to reveal are unique in the way that; they have helped top earners in network marketing business improve their prospecting habits so, take your time and understand them.

The following are the networking tips to improve prospecting activities in GNLD

# Spend time in places where very many people meet

For anyone to find trees, he has to go to the forest. This tells us well where to find people to talk to about our network marketing opportunities and products as well. Prospects are everywhere only that some distributors never go to places where these people spend their time.


It is impossible if not possible to recruit someone into network marketing and also to sell to someone you have never met either online or offline.

Even the distributors doing network marketing online also first meet prospects to expose their businesses to them by generating leads, follow them up and make them convert into either buyers or distributors.

Among all the networking tips, meeting people is the easiest because on average everyone meets at least five new people a day. This means that people are everywhere only that we do not know the skill of introducing our business to them.

# Build relationship with new people

Building relationship is the key to prospecting in network marketing because people sometimes join fellow friends. You also know very many people you talked to about your business and they never joined but when their friend talked to them, they joined them.

This should give you a clear reason as to why you have to build relationships. All you have to do positioning yourself in a leadership position because almost everyone wants to spend his time with a leader.

The simplest way to do it is using a name list; it is a book used by people building network marketing offline to add names and other contact details of strangers they meet, make them their friends and eventually introduce a business opportunity to them.

For the case of the distributors doing network marketing online, it is through follow up that they build relationships with the prospects to recruit them and also sell to them.

It calls great attention and skill to do effective follow up because the moment you send a wrong message to the leads, the whole relationship building process is spoiled so, you have to learn to communicate to build relationship.

# Provide free services to people they will work with you

This is one of networking tips veterans use in the process of prospecting. They start up different supporting centers to whoever is in network marketing business but in actual sense, they want to bring different people close to them to introduce their business opportunity.

You too can do this, study the weakness of people and be the one to provide the solution I guarantee you people will come close to you and that is prospecting.

The reason for offering free online network marketing training at S2 is because of networking. It gives us a chance to interact with different people from different network marketing companies which easies our prospecting process.

If you have a capacity to write a free ebook do so. You will be offering a free service but the returns are spontaneous. First of all people will think that you are the only one who can help them grow in the business so, they will join your business.

# Attend different events both online and offline

Do not forget we are looking at networking tips to make prospecting easy and here is another wonderful tip; attending different events both online and offline.

Attending events is a guarantee to meet new people and when you get their details, prospecting can begin there. Take time and think about a attending a business forum teaching people how to eradicate poverty! Wow

In this event, 90% of the people will be there to look for solutions to improve their earnings. Of course not all events will help you get good target prospects but if you attend those ones related to making money and the ones related to exhibiting products, you will sell.

# Work on your attitude

Negative people attract negative people and for you to network with others who you think can join and change your business you need to be positive.

Attitude is a key for everything in every business. Sometimes you have to just understand people for you to be with them otherwise trying to force them to change into what you want them will not be possible.

People who are patient with others find prospecting very simple because they never criticize what others do and for your network to grow, you need to avoid two things;

  • Blaming

All human beings do mistakes but a number of them do not want to be blamed. You will have sometimes to pretend that you have not seen something wrong someone has done. That will make people be close top you all the time and your network will grow thus simple prospecting.

  • Criticizing

Not all wrong things done need comments. For you to network well, you need to reserve your comments on very many occasions.

# Prove on social media that you know something

Social media is not there for you to post twaddle and useless content. When they say post your feeling they want to see the level of your IQ. In fact, what we post on social media reflects who we are.

Using social media is one of the untapped networking tips that can help you prospect endless prospects who are looking for opportunities, but for these people to believe in you, you need to prove that you can add value to them.

All you need to always post educative materials on these platform to make people think that you can help them out with their problems.

The beauty about blogging is that they have a provision for posting on various social media at once and this is done in the process of publishing a blog post.

So, educate the world you will network with others on social media.

# Work on yourself to attract people

People do not want to associate with armatures. So, for you to influence and network with others, you have to work on yourself.

Working on yourself means seeking for knowledge about network marketing and other things related to the same industry. If you were a recruiting expert, I guarantee you everyone would be close to you because that is the challenge people are facing.

Make sure you read something about network marketing on a daily basis for you to work on yourself you will attract other people.

Final note on Networking tips to improve your prospecting activity

Network marketing is a people business and if you are not ready to network with people, forget success in this business. The good thing is that the tips to help you network with others have been shared in today’s article so, your work now is to take action on the things we have seen.



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